She closed her eyes
And nestled into the darkness. 

It wasn’t like drowning or

Sinking into hell. 

It wasn’t scary….

It didn’t feel angry. 
She tried to remember

What it was like to feel

But found empty space. 

Sighing, She felt the 

liquid velvet of the night

wrap around her body. 
It was heavy on her chest. 

She waited patiently 

listening to the slowing

Tha-thump of her heart.
She would try again this night

To find the light of

Her darkened soul, 

Knowing the effort was futile

Without him to light her way. 
Her mind searched frantically 

Looking for the hope

That would bring the light 

Of another day. 

It shimmered briefly, 

Waiting for her to lift her eyes

So it could kill the shadows

She held inside. 
Refusing to look to the horizon 

She pulled the darkness closer 

And whispered, “I love you”

Then, she opened her eyes 

and watched the flame 

As it died, 

Taking her last breath 

As the darkness swallowed

The last sliver of light. 


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