Have you ever felt like you were too tired to keep going or that every bad choice you ever made caught up to you? That was how I felt the day I wrote this. The world was heavy on my shoulders…. 


The road has gotten so long 
And I’m too tired to travel that far

What would I see if I went there

I’m much too broken to care

The light inside my spirit died

And my heartbeats have faded away

I’d give a thousand lifetimes 

To start with yesterday

Yet it has passed like yesterday’s do

The next day soon into the last

I will not see tomorrow

But I can clearly see the past

It’s broken into memories

The points, the highs, the lows

And I can see me stumbling 

All along that broken road. 

I wonder who I’d be today

If this, or that, or when

Trouble came to visit

I’d done it different then. 

Pieces now too broken

And scattered then to now

If I had another chance

Could I change somehow. 

And here it is, my legacy

My life, My time and trouble,

The times when I was riding high

And the times that I would stumble. 

If only I could find those pieces

Put them back together, 

I’d leave behind a tale to tell

A legend to live forever. 


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