Hello, Welcome to whomever happens by. I have a new website where I will be speinding most of my time and I’d love to have you visit. The great thing about this blog is that the content here is never old or irrelevant. Creativity doesn’t go out of style and words that touch the heart are ageless.

I will continue to post my creative works here. My other website is more business oriented toward the freelance writing services I offer. Take a peek, although a few posts may be the same or similiar, the blog itself is geared toward social issues, mental health issues, and whatever else floats into my brain….





4 thoughts on “I’ve Moved but The Conetent Here is Never Outdated

  1. Hi Lyn, I’m so glad after reading your last post. I’d like to know the new website when it be possible.

    Life goes on very fast and people come and back in virtual and real life.

    A new stage in life…


      1. Hi Lyn. Thank you. Here I can read your past but I don’t know anything about your present. I have no news from you from long time ago, I mean via private message. We could talk very from time to time at least. I supose you’re very busy in real life. Take care. I’m looking forward to hear from you. Jesus

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