When I was young, I mean still believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny young, I remember people helping people.  I lived in Minnesota then, and every winter when we travelled, we would come across strangers stuck in the snow. My dad would pull over, get out in the icy cold air and pull out his chain to help them out of the ditch. If he came across a stranded motorist late at night he would pull over and ask if he needed help. When he saw a mother struggling to buy breakfast for her children he stepped in and paid the bill. It wasn’t just my dad that performed these types of unselfish acts. Once when I was a struggling college student, I recall being in line at the grocery store to buy a few staples to last me the week. The total came to be 27.15. I only had 25.00. As I was trying to decide what I should put back, the man in line behind me came up and gave the checker 2 dollars and 15 cents. I was embarrassed but I was grateful. Once upon a time it was common place to help your neighbor, the homeless man under the bridge or the family trying to make ends meet. My dad doesn’t stop for stranded motorists anymore at night, it has become too dangerous.  I don’t see anyone tossing a quarter into a homeless man’s cup or offering to buy a meal for the tired mother with her baby on the street. We have grown hard and weary of people taking advantage of our goodness and therefore, to some extent, have stopped being good.

Lightly asleep underneath
The noisy smog ridden
I  feel the
pulse of indignation
And wear the cloth of injustice
That no one can see.
It is man against woman
Color against race
Peace against war
I Smell the decay
Of the human spirit
As it crushes the soul,
A toe on a cigarette that’s been
Tossed to the floor
The burning of the tongue
Sears the heart that’s still soft
And The rhyme to the reason
Has forged its own unbeaten path.
To follow is ignorant, hardly bliss
To stay is artificially sweet 
Wisdom travels behind
That desolate human spirit and
The chiseled disguise
of concern melts to gray
The new fashion of obscurity
Looks out from veiled eyes
what’s right in this world is gone
what’s left behind us
is tattered and wrong
Tomorrow awakens a dawn
of a different day
In a world gone indifferent
To another man’s pain




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