So… Things have been a bit rough in my world. Change is the only thing to count on. I’m told death allows rebirth, Makes way for sunshine, opens the proverbial window. I don’t mean just the death of a loved one, but also the death of a way of life. Death of a relationship. Death of a dream. Somewhere in this blackness there is suppose to be a sliver of golden light….

Sometimes I see the faintest shimmer of light slip through the darkness just as I close my eyes.

       Making Way

I have seen the days pass by
Seen the future in the past
Wondered where the time went
Watched the fire burn to ash
I was told a tale
That a legend’s been reborn
A myth upon sunset
A God, a Saint, a Whore
Another time.
A place I can’t explain
Visions of a brilliant light
I feel at peace again
The dew drops
Turn to salty tears
The sobs echo off the stone
I watch you stare into the past
Too young to be alone



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