At one point in my life, I was a social worker. However, once a social worker always a social worker. Helping people is in my nature, and there are people in need of a helping hand everywhere. I used to work with families that had broken apart, usually due to drugs. Contrary to what many people believe, tragedies happen and so does bad luck, a bad choice, or the going down the wrong path. Many are broken by the pressure of fighting their way back and believe second chances don’t exist.  I wrote this for someone I came across who touched my heart. I don’t know if I made a difference in this person’s life. I want to believe I did.

   A Life I Can’t Forgive

I’m told there is a purpose
To every failed try
A meaning to be found
In every tear I cry.
And yet I ask in vain
To make that purpose clear,
But I see no answer coming
Before faith disappears.
I hear another calling
Another desperate plea,
Another stranger in the dark
Longing to be free.
Release me from the power
Of that which holds me down,
And offer me another way
Another trip around……
Around the plaguing questions
The pain inside my soul,
Around the poor made choices
And The promises I broke.
My life has been for nothing
And there’s nothing left to give
Nothing to be proud of
A life I can’t forgive.



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