Most of us have loved, lost love, found it again and perhaps lost it once more. Love changes as it grows. It can make us better happier people or it can tear our lives apart. I’m not sure which category I fit into. I’m somewhere in the middle. Still ambivalent but hopeful, and still wondering if all is lost….

        Love Upon a Breeze

Moonlit shadows cross the floor
The wind whispers to the trees
Moving secrets through the night
I hear but don’t believe.
The scent of maple syrup
drifts lightly  through the air
Reminding me of  love I knew
Another time… somewhere.
among the dancing shadows
And the secrets that I hear,
I know the life I dreamed of
Is muddied and unclear.
I thought that love would keep me safe,
No matter what it cost.
A promise made but never kept
Another moment lost.
A child’s fool eyes hope
For love and silly things
For happily ever after
And diamond wedding rings.
The moon it drifts across the sky
Moving shadows on the wall,
And Each one has a story,
But it’s the final curtain call.
The darkness makes its way for light,
The shadows dance away,
The whispers still the trees outside
Yet I am still afraid……



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