A short trip to Monterey California this week reminded me that it’s not all about me. I was sitting in the hotel room a little depressed and unhappy about nothing in particular but at the same time everything.  I’m really good at that. Sometimes I can push it away and brighten the day and other times I roll around in the darkness and fall into the hole of self pity. This time though I was restless and frustrated so I decided to take the three block walk down to the beach.  The sun was still relatively high and I wasn’t planning to stay long. I  sat down and stuck my toes in the sand surprised at how warm it was. I sat there staring out at the ocean mesmerized by the water, wave after rolling wave. My thoughts settled andmy mood lifted as I contemplated my place in the universe. I watched the sun begin to sink below the horizon and a new appreciation for the many good things in my world began to form in my mind. What I was looking at was beyond description. It felt bigger than me and I felt humbled. I took this picture to keep as a memory of that moment.

The sun melts into the water
like sherbert in my hands.
Hunting for a place to fall
Exploring far off lands.

Glowing across the constant waves
It says it’s last good bye.
And slips into the water
A nighttime lullaby.

And as the ocean sings
It’s nighttime tune,
To sailors that dare pass
The waves break high
upon the rocks
And cleanse away
The past.

It is a daunting journey
To cross from land to land
To view the many wonders
That crash upon the sand.


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