My children are no longer little tykes. They are teenaged grumbly monsters from the land of I know everything. I have a 17 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. The former is…. Spirited. Bossy and perpetually right even when she is wrong.  She will argue one point until you agree to see it, then because you are now agreeable she will argue the opposite. This child will argue with herself if there is no one around to be sucked into the incessant drama she creates.  Aside from her tempermental nature, she is funny and kind and a wonderful conversationalist given the right topic.
My son is the complete opposite. Nothing bothers him. Maybe that is because he really doesn’t care about anything but his laptop and phone. School is strictly a social endeavor.  The classroom is where you disrupt the class by making jokes, and homework is just something teachers use to punish students. Summer is the time for hibernation, thus only exiting the bedroom for such matters as hygiene and food. However, he too has some admirable traits.  He is a sensitive guy, although he’d never admit it. He is quick to offer his assistance and doesn’t back down from hard work. He keeps everyone around him laughing and has a positive outlook on life.
It’s been wonderful and traumatic and occasionally infuriating to walk with them  through the years. I’ve heard a million times, “before you know it they are all grown up”.  Looking at pictures of toothless grins, and wide eyed wonderment, I do wonder where the time went. I hope I didn’t miss anything along the way as I dealt with my own sadness and addictions. I keep remnants from the stages of their lives. Each has its own memory and story to tell.  This post was sparked by the discovery of several nursery rhymes I had written for them tucked away in a baby box.  They still bring a smile….
                My Thunk-it
There’s a thunk-it in my pocket,
That’s his favorite place to sleep,
Then he sits up on my shoulder
When it’s time for me to eat.
He watches all the things I do,
Hears everything I say,
Reminds me when to be polite,
“Hello there Ma’am”, good day.
And when I’m feeling angry,
He whispers in my ear,
Use your words but don’t you shout,
All of them can hear!
He helps me right the wrongs I do,
And listens when I’m sad,
Sometimes he even makes me laugh,
Except when I’ve been bad.
My thunk-it sleeps beside me
And keeps bad dreams away,
Then he’s ready in the morning
To play with me all day.



2 thoughts on “My Thunk-it

    1. Haha thank you. I have a book full of children’s stories and nursery rhymes that I’ve come up with over the years. My intent is to get them ready to be published. But then that’s been my intent for a couple years. Lol

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