Memories… “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  Sometimes they are welcome as they bring to mind a cherished event and other times we curse the images that come flooding through our head and then  linger to torment us. Our memories are important to who we are and who we will become, regardless of whether they are good, bad, or ugly. It is often how we learn and grow and sometimes how we get stuck in a dark place. That dark place for me has finally turned to a light gray, and I see partly sunny  coming soon. It is important to learn how to manage the painful memories so they no longer Pierce your heart.  I manage these moments of time as they come. Often I will sit down with old fashioned pen and notebook and begin to write. That is how the piece Unmade Memories came to be. I don’t hold onto the pain anymore. Just…. Learn to let go.

    Unmade Memories

I wish those memories
Were were never made
The ones that bring
Tear drops
Running down my face
And I wish those moments
never came
When I’d look at you
And fall in love again.
Those velvet nights,
How we brought
Down the moon
Then lit up the sun
Drinking each moment
Like it was the last one….

I wish I could breathe
Like I did back then
Every breath brings pain
I’m losing again.
Now a heart wrenching hunger
Grips my soul
A song unsung
A story untold.
What I thought
We would be
Is not who we are
Just a sad melody
On a steel guitar

What could have been
Is only a dream
A blueprint of love
An outlandish scheme
And day by day
As the plan comes together
I look in your eyes
I can’t see forever.
Another chance shot
To make things right
Another lost promise
On a starless night


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