Usually I just go about my daily business, which is boring as hell since I am a stay at home mom with two children in high school. The days run together with cleaning toilets and kitchens and folding clothes. Every now and then inspiration strikes and I jump to the computer or more often my phone and write away. Thus birth of a blog titled Vapor Kisses. All of my masterpieces have been posted here. The writings are from experiences, thoughts, ideas, stories I’ve heard and dreams that may one day come true. There is however, very little of me. The everyday smart, funny and compassionate me. So though you know a part of me through what I write, there is more. A whole other side that honestly is a bit boring as of late, but still worth talking about.

Between my genius writings and my mundane day to day activities lies a story. Something that isn’t extraordinary but worth telling nonetheless. I’ve decided to make a slight change to this blog. I’ve felt like a spy, watching through the telescope as people drop by and visit here and there. I want people to feel the words I write and not just read them. I want to leave people with questions and sometimes help them find the answers they seek.  I feel like a mystery, a ghost in the shadows. Perhaps in my tales some will find a place they can be comfortable in and thoughts they can connect with.  I hope to make a difference.

First there was my writing, then there was me….



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