Somewhere in the air
I breathe,
I find you here with me,
And somewhere
in my daylight dreams
My soul has been set free.
You fill me with a world unknown,
A bright new path, a plan,
Like a budding flower
Blooming once again.
Your my lantern on a foggy night,
Shining through the fear,
Of the love I see within your eyes
Of the love that brings you near. Gently brush aside my hair
And kiss the past away,
Take my hand and hold it tight
With the coming of the day.
Be the wind that blows my sail,
From the danger of the sea,
Be the lock that keeps the pain away,
And I will be the key.
You are the beauty in the sunset,
When the sun melts from the sky, And the kiss of sweet surrender, The drug that makes me high.
And when I lay against you
My head upon your chest,
I feel my spirit fluttering
And then it gently rests.



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