I was shivering as I climbed up into the truck. It had been parked under a tree but the sun had since settled to shine directly upon it. I was grateful for the heat and for once I didn’t mind the smell of cigarette smoke that clung to the upholstery. I leaned my head back onto the headrest and closed my eyes. I was only 5 years old when I met him. How do I say good bye after 15 years of laughter and secrets and growing up? As a tear found its way down my cheek, I remembered that independent little girl that told him he was “just another boy like any other.”  I was wearing a dress my mother bought at a yard sale and it was my favorite one. I wanted to look pretty but he told me it was ugly. So I put my little feet into my cowboy boots and marched out of the house. He followed behind hollering after me to wait up for him. I remember turning to look at him and Putting my hand on my hip, I smiled and said,  “You oughta just give up. You’re not going to make me cry Peter Hollings.” I had marched on and left him standing there staring after me.  I don’t know when I had become so dependent on him.  He was  the anchor that kept me from drifting away.  I was afraid but I knew it was time to let go.  I climbed down out of the truck and slowly walked towards the church.  I stopped just outside the huge wooden doors and waited. I heard the exit music and a line began to form behind me.  As he stepped out if the church holding his new bride by the hand he saw me. He stopped and looked at me and I could see the apology in his eyes. “It’s alright”,  I said.  “You’re just a boy like any other.”  As I turned and walked away I heard him call my name. I didn’t stop and turn around. “You’re not going to make me cry Peter Hollins,”  I whispered as the tears rolled down my face.


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