It is when I walk alone
Through darkness or
Through light,
Past the screaming voices
That are distant in the night,
That the threat of falling tears
Cascading down my face
Brings me back to loneliness
A dark and desperate place.
It is when I sleep alone
With you lying by my side
And the pillow neath my head
Is wet from tears I cried
It is then I vow with certainty
That I won’t stay another day
In this place of darkness
That you alone have made.
And yet the grayness of the morning
Fills the shadows in the room
Until the sunshine breaks the ice
That fills this empty tomb.
Doubt has found its way again
With the coming of the day
The moment that I linger
Is the moment that I stay.
Waiting for a miracle
That never seems to come
Hoping for the strength to say
Today I’m finally done.



3 thoughts on “When I Walk Alone

  1. Lyn, it is a really beutiful poem. I am walking alone as well as you know. The photo speaks for itself…walking alone on the city streets in the night.

    It’s all over? I wonder.


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