I’ve been away a bit of time. Life would not wait for my attention a moment longer. I wasn’t keen on what it was saying to me. I tried not listen. Finally the darkness leaked into the sunshine and I had to find my way out again. I wrote this during one of those dark days…. The kind that make you believe there will be no more light to follow.

             Too Broken

The road has gotten so long
And I’m too tired to travel that far
What would I see if I went there
I’m too broken to care
The light inside my spirit died
And my heartbeats have faded away
I’d give a thousand lifetimes
To start with yesterday
Yet it has passed like yesterday’s do
The next day soon into the last
I will not see tomorrow
But I can clearly see the past
It’s broken into memories
The points, the highs, the lows
And I can see me stumbling
All along that broken road.
I wonder who I’d be today
If this, or that, or when
Trouble came to visit
I’d done it different then.
Pieces now too broken
And scattered then to now
If I had another chance
Could I change somehow.
And here it is, my legacy
My life, My time and trouble
To think of what I’ve left behind
Makes one stop and shutter.
If only I could find those pieces
Put them back together,
I’d leave behind a tale to tell
A legend that lived forever.



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