…. You died and I thought I couldn’t go on. I didn’t know how to live without you or why I would want to. Your last words to me were “It’s going to be ok. Your end is not today.” And today, nothing is the same, but yes things have become Ok. I miss you.
     In the End

I want to feel the way
I used to feel,
When life was still okay,
When the setting of the sun
Was more
than just a wasted day.
A time when yellow
In the sunshine,
Was your special gift to me,
And the lingering of
Your gentle kiss
Made it hard to breath.
The simple drone
of morning rain
As it spit among the clouds,
Would find us lost
In warm embrace,
With a love we couldn’t doubt.
I want to know I’ll be alright
Without you by my side,
That my life, it did not end with you
The day you sadly died.
Nothing feels the same these days
The world is upside down,
The ache is dark and blinding,
I cry without a sound.
I remember that you told me,
In the end it’s all okay
And if I felt it wasn’t
Then the end is not today.




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