The ocean is one of the most deceptive entities I've ever come across. I think that is why there are so many songs, poems, and comparisons to it everywhere you turn. It is also hauntingly beautiful. Here is my contribution...                          Unforgivingly Deceptive The sea is my refuge, my release, my hope when there is…


In the End

.... You died and I thought I couldn't go on. I didn't know how to live without you or why I would want to. Your last words to me were "It's going to be ok. Your end is not today." And today, nothing is the same, but yes things have become Ok. I miss you.…

Old & Weary

I jotted down the poem below one day as I sat inside a cool office building waiting to see my attorney. As I sat there Looking out the picture window, an old man caught my attention. I watched the man shuffle along the sidewalk making his way toward the bus station which was at the…


Believe and Behave

Can you imagine what this world would be like if practicing better behavior, rather than touting self-righteous beliefs were the norm?


Love This Way

I didn't know that I would leave behind an ache That burned your soul and scarred it black. I didn't know that your tears Would leave you wet and thirsty Though you're standing in the rain. I didn't know you loved me so much, Or that I loved you so little. You are part of…