I know why I’m walking this  road all alone
Staring straight into the dark of my soul,
I don’t even wonder why you’re gone
I only wonder what took you so long.
Now where I’m goin’ is anywhere
All places you’ve never seen
Same old sad looking people
Heartbroken just like me.
Sorry can’t be good enough
To fill a broken dream
Selfish till the very end
But now I’ve set you free.

And I’ll lay down beneath this starry sky
But I won’t cry tonight
I’ll Hear the whisper of the moonlit wind
As it breathes a lonely sigh.
Sleepless nights bring an early dawn
Another day to face
Knowing I’m the one who let you down
A good love gone to waste.

Searching my soul for a way back in
Or out of this hell again
Don’t know how to live this way
I’m not like other men.
I live and I love and I make my own way
Be damned if you think it’s wrong
Can’t stay and say I’m sorry
Can’t stay in this place for too long.
The look on your face when I rolled back in
Told me all I needed to know
I’d pushed you past the hurting point
And your eyes told me to go.

You’re the only one I’ll ever miss
If I let myself believe
That a love I never knew before
Was the love you gave to me.


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