This was inspired by a recent poem I read by James Mayes, a very talented writer.

Look at me.
I can’t, I whisper back.
My skin tingles in anticipation.
My heart beats faster with every breath I take.
I look for an escape, a way out before it’s too late.
Look at me.
Tempted, I close my eyes instead.
You touch my arm.
Electricity courses through my veins.
Weakly, I protest against the ascending desire
Knowing it will consume my flesh, my soul.
Look at me.
Your lips touch my skin
And I am yours.
You press your body to mine
I place my hands upon your chest,
As if to stop you.
But I don’t.
Look at me you whisper.
Your hands slide slowly across my hips
And my resistance crumbles around me.
My eyes meet yours
And you look into my soul
As my body fills with the sweetest sensation…



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