Is it Still Me

The years have passed
And Loves faded into gray,
That’s the way it happens,
At least that’s what they say.
But in the first light of the morning,
When I turn and watch you sleep
I can’t help but still remember
The way you looked at me.
Am I still the one  you’re wanting,
The one that’s in your heart
The one you want to hold you
When your worlds been ripped apart?
I close my eyes and see you
Dancing in the street
And feel your kiss upon my lips
And your body next to me.
I know that times were simple then,
We were just so young
And maybe you’re still wondering
If you’ve left a song unsung.
But am I still the one you search for,
To find shelter from the storm
Am I still the one you long for,
When the summer nights grow warm?
Can you love me like you used to,
Or is it time for me to go
I can’t stand to lie here wondering,
If our love has been outgrown.
No matter what you say girl,
I’ll love you anyway
Just the way I said I would,
Back on our wedding day.



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