When the mood strikes, Go with it. Sometimes it’s funny, silly, or crazy. Other times serious, scary and drama filled. Today was a silly kind of day. A day when the past let’s go and the sun shines in…

There was a day upon a time,
When the dark out shone the sun
And the Champion was the looser,
Perfection came undone.
And in this muddled mystery
I came upon a clue,
A little piece of chewing gum,
It was stuck upon my shoe.
I stomped it and I smeared it,
Then Strung it post to post,
It tangled up my fingers,
But what I feared the most
Was knowing it was bubble gum
That it reminded me of us,
Stretching to survive the love
Was all I could think of.
When suddenly I realized
I’d gone about this wrong,
I’d been sitting in the shadows
Dependent on this bond.
And just like sticky bubble gum,
We became a gooey mess.
It was then I finally knew it.
I really could care less.
This was the day upon a time
When chaos became fun
And somewhere imperfection 
Was a song so sweetly sung.



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