You will remember me the way you left me,
Sobbing as the wretched heat blistered my eyes with sweat.
Desperately searching the shadows of your face
For an answer that wasn’t there.
Afraid to be alone in my world of darkness,
I begged you to continue to share it with me.
After all it was you who poured the sadness into the sun.
It was you who leaked anger into into love.
It was you who stole the smile from my soul.
It was I who let you.
You will remember my tears and frustration,
My sorrow and desperation.
You will remember me cracked and broken.
You didn’t see me mend, or come to life again
Without the pressure of your stone upon my heart.
You took the darkness with you when you left
And the glittering sunshine in your wake
Momentarily blinded me.
But as the day grew gentle,
and sweat and tears no longer burned against my skin,
I saw the smell of the sunset and heard the beauty of its color
In that whisper of a moment I was indeed alive yet once again.


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