When the night falls down
And the day is born
The past just fades away
And somewhere in between the two
A stranger makes his way.
Another life forgotten
Born from innocence his past
Stumbled steps to get here
He wears the old brave mask.
Pondering the life he lives
A stranger with no home
Grasping for a ray of light
From inside an empty tomb.

I saw a man on the street today. He looked sad and alone.  I wondered how he ended up in this place in life. I wondered if he had a bad childhood, or maybe it was good then something went wrong. Maybe he made bad choices or maybe his family died. I wondered what he would be doing on Christmas day.  As I wondered my hand wrote the above words. I would like to find him again someday and give him a copy. It is a short poem, but full of meaning.

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