Poetry is found in all aspects of life. Nature, feelings, emotions, heaven and hell. It is how you choose to look at it that brings in the essence of poetry. Passion is a raw emotion that brings feeling to the surface unbridled and pure…


   I catch my breath as I look into your eyes. The intensity of your gaze spreads a warmth through my body and yet I begin to shiver. I look away, uncertain, excited, afraid. 

You take a step closer and I feel you like electricity sizzling through every nerve. I am unable to speak.
You reach out and turn my face to meet yours and whisper against my lips, “what do you want?”

Your hands slide around my waist  bringing me close and as I reach for you, you hold me silent and still. “Tell me” you say in a dark voice. “Tell me what you want”.

A whimper escapes from my throat and your knowing eyes burn into my soul.
Your silky hands move to the buttons of my dress and within moments it slides to the floor.

I look up to see a sensuous smile play across your lips and you push aside my hair and kiss my neck, my shoulder….you steal my breath and  with every kiss you bring me to life.

My eyes meet yours and again you say “Tell me what you want”.  The fear has been replaced by a yearning to feel your body against mine. “You,” I whisper.  “I want you.”


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