Inside a spec of time
Inside a lonely space,
Eyes that used to know you
See a strangers face.
What happened to that softness
That light that used to shine
What happened to the love we shared
The kind that’s hard to find.
Today you say your last goodbye
There must have been a first,
I couldn’t see you needed me
My love you needed most.
There’s nothing left inside your soul
That you can give to me
I see the shadows cross your face
And I turn so you won’t see
Wonts see the pain of wasted years
Of memories I’ll keep
Won’t see the pain I carry on
When I lay down to sleep.
And so I wish you well love,
I won’t hold you here to stay
I hold you tightly one last time
Then I watch you walk away.



4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Sucks…

  1. Wow. So vivid. And so relatable. Everyone has experienced this at some point and you really bring those feelings back.

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