I haven’t been feeling very creative or poetic lately, and rather than just fill posts with my wandering thoughts or daily activities (that’s what Facebook is for) I figured I’d wait for inspiration to hit and post something you would enjoy reading. The creative juices aren’t flowing freely yet, but while babysitting a friend’s little one I came up with something short and sweet.

Moon and Stars

When the moon and stars shine down tonight,
After you’ve been tucked in tight,
They’ll gather round and round again
Do you know what will happen then?
They’ll dance around the moonlit skies
Shhh, be careful don’t open your eyes…
They’ll only dance if your eyes are closed
and sometimes they’ll even tickle your nose.



5 thoughts on “Short Rhyme

    1. Thank you. I hope so. I have several that I have written and think iI might just put them all into a book of nursery rhymes. The rhymes even make me smile when I read them again. Lol

  1. Your writing is beautiful and thought provoking…. But this poem is absolutely brilliant…. Thank you for sharing! :-))))

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