This is the beginning of my book and just in time for Halloween…

Andy heard the scream as she drifted off to sleep. For a moment she thought she was hearing the piercing  scream of death. As exhaustion over took her she decided it was a wild animal. She wasn’t used to the noises of the wilderness around her new home.  “Just be quiet,” she groaned as she sunk deep into her blankets. 

The house alarm shrieked a piercing her sleep and making her bolt out of her bed. “Shit!’ She glanced at the bedside clock as she pulled her gun from the drawer. It was 12:45. She had only been asleep for half an hour. She crept to the window but saw nothing and with  gun in hand reached for the phone. The line was dead and she had left her cell phone in the car. “Shit,” she said again as the house alarm continued to screech blocking out all other noise. She contemplated her next move. With all her training she still felt unprepared for an invader in her own home. Especially when she had only been here a few days. She crept to the doorway of her massive bedroom which was adorned with a king size bed, a cherry wood dresser and an assortment of boxes that had yet to be unpacked. She hadn’t decided if living so far away from civilization suited her and at this moment was thinking it most certainly did not.
She lowered herself slowly to the floor and peered out the door scanning the long hallway for any sign of movement. Nothing. She listened to her heart pound and felt her pulse race as adrenaline poured through her veins. She heard nothing else. She moved quickly to the front entryway and silenced the alarm. Standing motionless she listened again for the faintest sound. The refrigerator hummed, the leaves rustled outside, and still, nothing. “What could have tripped the alarm?” She wondered. Andy had no pets, no children, no roommates or boyfriends to complicate things.  She hadn’t always wanted to be alone. In fact she had always imagined her life with a husband and children running around at her feet. She shuddered even though the night was warm and pushed the dark thoughts from her mind. She was alone and it appeared she was destined to remain that way. Perhaps by choice, she didn’t know anymore.

Andy quickly checked the security of her home. Everything seemed in order until she stepped back into the hallway leading to her bedroom. She could smell the night air, the fall leaves, and the faint musty smell left behind by the days rain storm. She shouldn’t be able to smell anything but the leftover spaghetti she had heated earlier that evening. As she neared the bathroom she could see the oversized window was wide open. The bathroom door was ajar and she gave it a quick high kick. She felt the door connect with something before She heard the thud of a body falling against the wall. Suddenly the door slammed shut and she heard the intruder cross the bathroom floor towards the window. Andy pushed the door open and ran to the window tripping over the bathroom rug. She caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a short man wearing bright white clothing running through the trees. As he ran he looked back at her and Andy was startled to see that what she thought was a man’s face appeared to be that of a little girl with glowing white eyes. . She watched as the image disappeared into the trees.

Rattled and uncertain about what she had seen, she locked the bathroom window, checked all the doors, set the alarm andcwent to bed. Another long night this was going to be. Tomorrow would be nothing short of hell. She thought about reporting the incident, but as a cop she already knew how that scene would play out. No, she would wait and see. Maybe it was some kind of teen age prank she thought.  Deciding it was probably nothing more than that, she closed her eyes, determined to get some sleep.


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