… Her eyes seemed to glow as they filled with tears, and with each one that dropped into nothingness, a bit of her shattered heart went along with it. She didn’t dare look up. Couldn’t bear to see the ocean of pityness that was bound to be looking back at her. She reached down to grab a child’s hand then just as quickly tucked her hand inside her coat pocket. She had to quit doing that. Her child was gone and would not be coming back. He had taken her. Not because he loved their little girl, but because he knew it would strip her of every last bit of fight she had left in her. He did it to kill her soul, her spirit, and her heart.

She suddenly realized she had been standing on the street corner in the pouring rain Staring at Billboard advertising her daughters favorite juice. Funny. She didn’t feel the rain even though she was soaked to the skin. She noticed her shoes were ruined as She quickly walked away from inquiring eyes and gossipy mouths. Almost running she slipped on the wet street, a car barely missing her as it screeched to a halt.  Sobbing she wishes it had hit her, and begs the man to run her down. She screams at him, runs to the car and begins beating on the windshield. A crowd gathers and in the distance a siren can be heard.

The screen turns black and The lights of the theater brighten the confused audience. Hushed voices ask each other if that was the end. What happened to the woman? Was the little girl ever found or did he bring her back?

Those questions to be answered on another day….



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