… And sadly, it is very true. Even in my household. Everyone has a smart phone, a tablet, and there is You Tube on the television. We will all be sitting in the living room togrther and yet each of us is playing on our phone. We went out to dinner last week and not only were we on our respective phones while waiting for our order, but many others as well. Mostly children.

We have stopped talking to each other. In my house I have begun to rectify that by a “no phones/ipods at the table” including when we go out. It is amazing the things my children have to say and the stories they tell. It is important to know what’s going on in your child’s life. It builds trust and gives them an outlet for the drama that comes with middle and high school. Lots of drama!

So I say to everyone, talk to each other. Soon the opportunity to know your children and each other will slip by and you can never get that back.

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