When I was little I loved nursery rhymes and find that now that I’m big, I still love them.  I started making up my own cchildren’s poems and nursery rhymes to telll my children when they were little but got so busy with parenting I never followed through with reading the rhymes to them. Now as teenagers they roll their eyes and say “that is so embarrassing”. So I figure I will keep writing them and put them into a book and save them to read to my grandchildren. At least they will be too little to roll their eyes at me. In the meantime maybe you have a little one that you can read them to. Even if you don’t nursery rhymes are easy on the ears, light on the heart, and often bring a bit of a smile.
Fairy Dreams
The stars up in
The nighttime sky
They’re wishing me 
sweet dreams. 
With every little twinkle
They say a fairy sings. 
She sings a song 
so sweet for me
And soon my eyes
Will close. 
I’ll dream the dream
A fairy brings
As she lands
Upon my nose. 
Then she’ll flutter off
Into the sky
Oh What a busy night
she’s spreading all
the sweetest dreams
From now till
Till morning light. 

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