I posted this a long while back, but I’m posting it again because I made a few minor changes. I also think it’s fun and everyone can use a little fun in their life from time to time.

Rainy Days and Dragon Ways

It happened one dark and gloomy day,
That all the babies came out to play.
Babies you say?
Ah… but wait and you will see,
These babies are cute as cute can be.
Then they appeared one two and three
Little puff dragons, pink blue and green.
They giggled, they danced, they wiggled around,
They jumped and they bumped and they fell to the ground.
See gloomy days are their favorite kind,
Their fires too hot when the sun comes to shine.
So don’t be sad when the rain pours down, very carefully look all around.
They’re awfully shy these dragons are
And sometimes they come from very far.
Their wings get tired, they want to sleep,  jump in bed, but don’t make a peep.
If you are still and close your eyes tight,
A dragon friend may visit tonight.
And in the morning when you open your eyes,
That sun will be shining up high in the sky.
The rain will have gone and the dragon too,
but look he left a present for you.
A dragon gift is one of a kind,
You never know, what  they’ll leave behind.
Follow the footprints on the floor.
LOOK! They go behind the door.
And there it was all shiny and bright,
an old copper penny he left in the night.
So don’t be sad when the rain pours down, baby dragons are playing around!



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