The Final Call

The rocking chair rocks to and fro

The moments tick by unbelievably slow

The punishing sun cracks the earth

The lonesome man wonders his worth.

For here today he sits again

Reminiscing about where he’s been.

No little children to ask him his story

No fellow soldier to share in his glory.

Looking forward but seeing the past

The dreams that died leaving him last.

Last in line and no one to care

No one to give him his rightful share.

Now alone the tears finally fall

The trumpets play it’s the final call. 



4 thoughts on “The Final Call

    1. Thank you. It was inspired by my grandfather. He always had the little ones around him and told them stories of “back in his day”. But those little ones grew up and got busy and the stories died away. The older grandchildren noticed this and began to ask him to tell us about life and what it was like when he was a young boy.

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