I want to hear the suckle of the sunshine as it drinks the dew away,
And place a kiss upon your lips to celebrate the day.
I want to want to watch the golden roses stretch to greet the sun,
And wrap myself inside your arms when the day is finally done.
These days I’m always dreaming, and I wish upon a star,
That somehow you will hear me, where ever it is you are.
The empty pillow by my head gets colder by the day,
I remember how I pleaded, how I begged for you to stay.
You said we had to dance that dance, beneath a diamond sky,
And as the rain began to fall, you whispered your goodbye.
I want to hear the the silence break, to hear your your sultry voice,
I want to hear the Laughter and the early morning noise.
But what I hear is emptiness, it screams inside my head,
As I lay here all alone within this empty bed.


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