There is absolutely no reason for this post other than I am waiting and have nothing else to do. I posted this same comment elsewhere, and I still have time left over.  So I’ll press this post of using a lot of words to say nothing. (Actually, I know a lot of people who do that.)  The purpose of this post is really to make it short and intriguing enough that you stop to take a look while your scanning looking for something interesting to read. And so if you stopped, I thank you. If you didn’t, that’s alright. I’ll catch up with you next time. Ahh perfect timing. My wait is over and I’m moving on with the evening. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Bunch of Nothing….

    1. Feeling a little on the stupid side is what makes us real! I felt a ridiculous posting about nothing, but i wanted to post and had nothing to say so thats what I went with. Lol. I was just reading the poems a day on your blog. They are fantastic. I want to reblog some of them. (If i can figure out how to do that). Nice to meet you. Cheers.

      1. You’re welcome to reblog them – although I don’t actually know what it means! Then again, I use the microwave only for reheating a cold mug of coffee – so am not exactly up-to-date with everything.

      2. Hahaha… I’m figuring it out as I go along too. Only been at it about two months. Reblogging just means I post something of yours on my blog. You will get credit of course but it’s just another way of sharing something you come across and really like, and then want to share with your readers.

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      3. Okay – and thanks for the reblogging – it’s a thrill and a privilege!

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