This is one of those kinds of posts where there’s nothing in particular to say. The week was busy and long, and saturday gracefully came bringing sunshine and laziness. Baseball on television.  Lawn chairs by the pool. An afternoon nap.  A perfect example of a lazy summer day. These kind of days make me think of Mayberry and a fishing pole and a short walk to the fishing hole. I wonder what my parents would do on a day like this when they were young enough that televisions were for rich people. I debate for a minute on calling to find out, but then laziness takes over again and another nap sounds like a pleasant alternative.


The splashing of water
The smell of the sand
The  beach towels laid out
As everyone tans.
Freshly cut grass
And after noon rain
A dip in the pool
Then napping again…..

And that is where todays musings end as the last call of the ocean begs for my company and the smell of grilled burgers reach my nose. I love lazy summer days. I think theres even a song about the that.


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