I dont care what anyone says. Sometimes writing is hard. Really hard. Maybe I can’t think of anything to write about. Maybe I’ve had An exceptionally busy day and I’m tired. Maybe I’m just flat out not in the mood to be creative. I know if you really want to be a writer it is important to write something every day. Even if you only write for ten minutes, just do it. So tonight, when I’ve had An exceptionally busy day, I’m tired, and most certainly NOT in the mood for writing, I’m taking ten minutes to write. The outcome may be little more than this ranting, but you never know. Maybe I’ll create a master piece. Read on and see what I’ve come up with.

(No title yet)

Sitting here at sunset
On a rickety dock,
Feet dangling in the water below
I look out over the waves
To watch
The sun drip into the lake.
The night time sounds
Begin to play a melody
That stirs my spirit
While it seems the stars
Fill my soul with their light.
A spec of time
In which peace can grow
And from which love is reborn.
For in these very moments
I am free of the past
And open to the future.


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