Love happens when it happens. I know people who don’t  believe in love. Well, they don’t believe in the true soul mate kind of love. I can’t imagine what my life would be like, how empty it would feel, had I not had the experience of that kind of love. I won’t get sappy or syrupy, dripping love potions from my words. I believe everyone has to find their own way to each other, in their own time. When it’s right, and that person there before means more to you then your very next breath, it won’t matter how it came to be because it just is.

Standing There

I hear your heart speak softly
It whispers just to me
And in the early morning hours
I watch you as you sleep.
The daylight brings you closer
As I wrap you in my arms
To shelter you from heartache
To shelter you from harm.
Then looking deep into your eyes
I swear I see your soul
A special gift from heaven
To fill the empty hole.
The one that used to live inside
And nothing could restore
Till the day you came into my life
And passion flared once more.
And now you’re here before me
I gently stroke your hair
As I gaze into the future
And see you standing there.



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