When the night comes loping in from the corners of the day, emotions heighten and the body begins to ache with the promise of passion that comes with the setting sun. The shadows in the night dance like lovers and most certainly that is what we are. In the darkness there are two straining to be one. The complete molding of body and soul into a single entity. Always too soon, the day breaks into the night, shining truth into a dream. The faded passion no longer carries the weight of undying love and the shadows take their place among the guilty.
        Love and Lust

There is no sunshine
To warm the brittle ache
Of longing.
Even in the dark
I feel the shadow
Drape itself around my shoulders
And dim the light
that shined from within.
Fog swirls and twirls
inside my mind
Viciously striving
to make sense
Of that which cannot be understood.
And the destiny
that comes with darkness
Falls again.
The depth of desire is limitless,
And it rides the waves
Of confusion
jumping from longing to passion
Only to dissipate once more
Into an affair
Between love and lust.



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