I wonder about a lot of things. Will we run out of new music and eventually start creating the same pieces over again? What about words? How many ways can you creatively capture the essence of a sunrise or the breath taking beauty of the sun dripping into the ocean? What happens when all the stories have been told, songs sung, poems written? And the biggest question is why am I even worrying about it? Well I wouldn’t say it keeps me up at night, but I do wonder about it often. However until the words run out, I’ll keep doing what I do.  Creating magic for little ones, and touching the hearts of everyone. At least that is my intention.

   Small wonders
Teeny tiny bunny hops
Taffy from the candy shops,
Blowing bubbles to the sky
Making daddy’s heave a sigh
All these things are fun I say
I want to do them every day!
Go to school and clean my room
Then say good night to Mr moon.
It’s how you grow up big and strong
Oh you won’t stay little long.
So rest up now Tomorrow’s near
Close your eyes and you can hear,
The secret sounds you hear at night
They Dissappear with daWns first light.

Children’s Rhymes are fun, sing songy, and silly. They are a great way to lighten your mood, even bring a smile to your lips. They don’t have to make much sense which makes it possible to be endlessly creative. No worries about running out of words here, Try it, you might smile.  🙂


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