So here it is, 1am. I would like to sleep, however sleep will not come. Instead when I close my eyes I am privy to replaying every embarrassing scene I’ve ever been in. You would think that would be enough, but no. Not for me. I must continue the saga with mistakes I’ve made and bad choices that sent me spiraling Down a hill that even Jack and Jill couldn’t climb back up. Then to top it off I play a round of “what if”. What if I hadn’t done that and had done this. Where would I be right now? I would be climbing a career ladder, I would have the things I’ve longed for but gave up. Finally in an effort to boost my spirits from the black of despair, I tell myself “It’s not too late…”  And on a good night I believe that and close my eyes. I know I’m not alone in this interpretation of a sleepless night.  So Here’s to sweet dreams….

Burdens of Yesterday

The burdens of my yesterday
Still keep me from the night
When I softly lay me down to sleep
The mistakes become plain sight.
I push them I abhor them
Still they never go away
So I lie her in the darkness
As the scene begins to play.
It all begins in innocence
But it’s the choice I didn’t make
Too late to walk the other path
Too late. It’s my mistake.
I revel in “if only”
Maybe had I looked the other way
Perhaps I wouldn’t lie here
Begging for the day.
Another chance to make it right
Like every day before
Yet when the day is over
I’ll play this scene once more.



3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Burdens

  1. Hi, I cant expain why but…. Could u tell me any information u know about this photo u posted? Thank so much. Its very important to me!!!

    1. Hi Van, I’m so sorry but I can’t remember for sure where I found it. I will go back through all pictures and see if I can find it again. The info should be on the download tag

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