There are so many times we have to choose a path in life. Do we go left or right or head on straight down the middle?  Many times we know deep in our heart, in our gut, which road we should be trodding down. We know which way to go when the way seems impassable. To follow that instinct means we have to change. It means we have to open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to a new way and leave the old way behind. Yet many of us hold tightly to what we already know, even when it is no longer working for us, that we miss the wonderful opportunities ahead. Change is beautiful, it’s powerful. It makes us compassionate and wise. When you come to a crossroad, don’t turn around and go back. Leap forward and embrace another way. You can always take that road back if you don’t want to go where this one takes you. However the experience and wisdom are yours to keep.

The Road

There’s a road
that leads To a place
I cannot see
Where the sunshine is warm
And the heart is free.
This road I know not
where it leads
But yet I hear it calling me.
As the trees
Beckon the wind from afar
And as I wish upon a star,
The road it opens,
It welcomes me,
Into a future
I want to see.
And here I stand
in trepidation,
As though I’m seeking
Sorrow and frustration.
There’s a road that leads
To a place of peace
Where the burdens
of the past will set me free.
A way of life
Unlike I’ve known
A call for change
The ways been shown.


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