I will never forget the sights and sounds of the bomb that exploded into the barracks of a sister company in Dharan Saudi Arabia. I was standing guard as the ambulances and available busses roared into the compound, sirens blaring. Soldiers stunned and running about were trying to direct medical personal to the injured. Those same busses and ambulances left some time later. Sirens no longer wailing into the dead of night. Instead they carried the dead that night.  The soldiers rested inside a cooler in a hangar waiting for the flight that would finally take them home. I wrote the following based on that experience.

The Soldier

Beckoned by a lingering tale,
Told countless times before
She held her hand across her heart,
And heard his words once more.
The silence in the morning air
Hung tightly like a shroud,
As gasps and cries before her
From mothers in the crowd.
So soon she would be fighting
A mask upon her face,
A weapon tucked against her soul
A soldier in her place.
The shrieking of a siren,
The sound of bullets pass,
She remembers what her father said
It only counts who’s last.
And now the only fear she keeps
The sudden fear of death,
The slamming of a bullet and
The touch of angels breath.
Staring at the sky above
Her father’s eyes look back,
The fiery night is fading
As the ghost of life attacks.



2 thoughts on “I was a soldier

  1. Me neither. Was SF combing the desert looking for scud launchers and WMDs, I was pissed and determined to find em. Found and destroyed some scuds. That his was a lucky hit never again in a million years.

    1. I remember the swarms of reporters that showed up. They started reporting on the scud that hit the barracks. Giving location information etc. We were so angry about the possibility of Saddam getting hold of this info and adjusting his aim, that we kicked most of the reporters out of the area. Some of them returned anyway and somehow their equipment got broken. Never did figure out how that happened. Lol. But in reality it was a gut wrenching night.

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