Why is it so easy for darkness to creep in and take over. For me it happens before I even realize it is happening. All of a sudden things seem so bleak when an hour before the world was right. It takes effort to fight that darkness. It takes effort to be happy. So when it threatens to be a gloomy day, I try to do something fun or silly. That is how this piece was born.


Random thoughts abound,
Bouncing of each other,
Speeding round and round,
To put them down on paper,
I’d have to catch them first.
They’re sneaky and they’re slippery
Oh I guess it could be worse.


Oh what am I to do
Just for fun I’ll shout and run
And spew these words to you.
For maybe you can sense them,
Or maybe tame them down,
Perhaps you could just laugh with me,
Don’t make a sound.
Ha ha ha
These twitchy word are calling me,
They want to take their place,
And so with satisfaction
I season them to taste.


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