I was reminded again today how hurtful and lasting words can be. The biting sting of a rude comment continues to sting long after the words have evaporated into the air. Regardless of age. I watched an older couple in a store today. They caught my attention because I don’t often see elderly people at this store, and even more rarely a husband and wife together. (I’m assuming they were a married couple) The old woman was looking at a dress that was black and white, short and slinky with spaghetti straps. As she held it up and examined it, the man said to her “you’re to old and ugly to wear something like that. What are you thinking?” I watched the old woman turn away from him and her voice caught as she told him she thought their granddaughter would look beautiful in that dress. She hung it up and followed behind him as he walked away. My heart ached for her. That comment would hurt her heart forever. She would likely never view a cute little dress without those words coming back to sting her again.
Words are powerful. They heal, they hurt, they manipulate, they influence, and they last forever. If you do one thing each day, say something kind to someone. You may change their entire day and that day may change their life.



2 thoughts on “The Power of Words:You can heal or you can hurt.

    1. No I haven’t read that book. Who is the author? If this blog reminds you of that book then it’s probably something I would like to read.

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