Ok, to me tweeting and twitter is something done by birds. Just birds. I have a twitter account. @ljhgeist. Sometimes I remember to write something there but seriously, I don’t understand the point. Who sees it? Once I send my tweet to the world where does it go? Here on WordPress there’s a reader that everyone who chooses to can read it. But twitter just seems to fall dead to me. I spout random crap in 140 words, because apparently that’s all you get. Between Facebook, pin interest, twitter, stumble upon, and all the ones I’m forgetting.. I can’t see straight. I do believe in too much of a good thing. On the other hand maybe I just don’t get it. If you ever happen to run across me on one of those I’ve mentioned, and you can’t make sense of what I’ve posted, that’s just me being defiant. Hahaha..


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