Writing can take you down many thrilling paths, and them slam you with emotions that bring a heavy heart. When these emotions threaten to take me under I lighten the mood with children’s rhymes. They make me smile as I write them and lift my mood considerably. So I share them in hopes that they will brighten your day as well. Happy Writing.

Little Treasures

Today we laughed
Today we played
We dressed up like a clown,
Then we jumped into the puddles
As the rain came pouring down.
We learned about our 1 2 3’s
And counted high
As we could go,
Then pretended we were
buzzing bees,
or a turtle crawling slow.
We buried treasures in the sand,
We built a castle too
Then we dug them up again
Fun for me and you.
Then all too soon
It’s time to rest
The sun must go to sleep.
We say goodnight
Turn out the light
And soon we’re fast asleep.


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