I am reblogging this post from a Google + friend. She is very eloquent in her prose and poetry. She is clearly also very wise. The following is from her blog…

Many of us would have grown up avidly reading books.  Allowing them to transpose us to another place, another time … Books teach and inspire us, or should I say, the written word does. 
For some of us that love of words develops into an inescapable urge to write.  Then through life’s circumstance a need to … for some becoming our salvation.  Through writing we can exorcise our demons.  It is a beacon guiding us forward allowing us to shed our skin and expose our vulnerabilities and truths. 
Once started it is as essential as breathing, an addiction that if withdrawn would leave an empty vessel.   The sheer joy of taking random thoughts and gathering them together.  Words that become colours, that with the right strokes on a canvass, create a work of art.

There are moments of frustration where the words will not come forth to fill the page.  They flutter inside us, trapped, refusing to break free.  But oh,  the moment of euphoria when those words escape and run across the page, lifting us to unimaginable heights and allowing our imagination to take flight.  The world is open once again … our soul bared and life exposed.

Writing requires both creativity and discipline, good writers are in love with words … This love can turn the ordinary language into poetry and prose.  As lyrics set to music magic is created, that draws on all emotions.  When written with purity and an open heart, words can heal the wounded and give courage to the weak.  Sweet words that fuel the soul and feed the mind of both the writer and the reader … and so, we write, write, write!!!

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”
—Virginia Woolf


Yobial Marin


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