As the darkness
cloaks you in silence
I promise
The light in my eyes
Will carry you.
When little voices
Implore me with questions
I promise
It is your voice
They will hear
When your memory
begins to fade
I promise
It is your loving smile
They will see
Even though your gone
I promise
to keep you close to me.


7 thoughts on “I promise

      1. If you have any poems about the ocean I could merge it with my Ocean Photography and create a montage out of it!
        I would put it on Totally Inspired Mind Facebook page.

        What is your full name?
        I will give you credit as the writer.
        Do you have books in print or photography I can make reference to?

        Keep writing!

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      2. Hi, my full name is Lyn Geist. I will most certainly find something you can use. I’m honored that you asked! No books in print. Not yet that is. You can also reach me at Send an email then I can reply to you that way. Look forward to hearing from you, Lyn

      3. I am so pleased with how my web sites are growing. I am learning new tricks to obtaining the kinds of content that accent the material I write myself.

        It is wonderful to meet you Lyn.

        Paulette Motzko

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