Most of us have been there. The pain that is beyond sadness. The one where when you wake up in the morning  and suddenly remember… And your heart sinks to the floor. It doesn’t matter what caused the pain. What matters is it is there and it hurts and it feels like you will never find your way back to really being happy again. At least I have been there a couple times. I start to become afraid of life. Afraid of living everyday for the rest of my life with that pain inside. Then one day it’s gone. I haven’t found a magical potion or a miracle therapist. I found time. The pain of whatever hurt you gets better with time. Pain will come and grab your soul again, but for every painful day you make it through, you gain a day of strength you didn’t have before. An insight and wisdom that makes us compassionate. Hopefully it allows us to reach out to someone who is hurting and give them strength to never have to fear forever.

     Fear of Forever

Laying silently staring into the darkness,
The night abandoned by the sun.
My soul weeps
For the loss of the warmth
It once knew.
Waiting in the silence,
in the darkness
For the the night to give way
For the soul To stay
Alive until the sun
Wraps its arms around the night
In a warm embrace once more
Extinguishing the fear of forever.


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