I was a soldier

I will never forget the sights and sounds of the bomb that exploded into the barracks of a sister company in Dharan Saudi Arabia. I was standing guard as the ambulances and available busses roared into the compound, sirens blaring. Soldiers stunned and running about were trying to direct medical personal to the injured. Those…


Just for fun

Why is it so easy for darkness to creep in and take over. For me it happens before I even realize it is happening. All of a sudden things seem so bleak when an hour before the world was right. It takes effort to fight that darkness. It takes effort to be happy. So when…

The 1 thing that writers/bloggers need to know before they begin.

I have felt this way myself for a while. Life has passed and i didn’t see it.Here are some very wise words.

Writings of a Mrs

While I have loved my journey of blogging and writing so far, the one aspect of it that I wasn’t prepared for was how socially isolating it is!  It can be weighty for your average social butterfly like me.

mug, social butterfly, writing

I love social media and corresponding and working with fellow artists through my blog.  I email with so many people, Skype chat, we comment on each others blogs, Tweet and facebook and I have developed a great fondness for many of my readers and people that I collaborate with but it can still feel ‘impersonal’.  

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Agony of Memory

I Stray back to reality With thoughts drifting along a moment Breaking into my tempered peace Of mind Where guilt and shame had fought Their way past admonishing eyes And cries of anger. Now no longer buried under fabricated Smiles The degradation seeping from within Replaces the momentary solace Of abstraction With the agony Of…

Silent Moment

Inside a silent moment The breath of life takes hold. Inside the shell of a man The breath of death escapes. It is in between that putrid pages Of rotting stories are coupled with The Exuberant exhale of Fantastical journeys and the exodus of innocence. Too complicated, thoughts form into words of little meaning, and…